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ProcessorGhzCoresMemoryStoragePort SpeedLocationAvailabilityHourly RatePriceAction
E3-1270 v6 - 3.80 GHz3.80 Ghz432GB1TB HDD1Gbps CopperTokyo, JapanAvailableNA119 Deploy
E3-1230 v6 - 3.50 GHz3.50 Ghz432GB1TB HDD1Gbps CopperTokyo, JapanAvailableNA114 Deploy
E-2244G - 3.80 GHz3.80 Ghz432GB1TB HDD1Gbps CopperTokyo, JapanOut Of StockNA134Get A Quote
E-2274G - 4.00 GHz4.20 GHz464GB500GB SSD1Gbps CopperTokyo, JapanOut Of StockNA214Get A Quote
E-2234 - 3.60 GHz3.60 Ghz432GB500GB SSD1Gbps CopperTokyo, JapanAvailableNA139 Deploy
E3-1270 v6 - 3.80 GHz
3.80 Ghz232GB1TB HDD1Gbps CopperTokyo, JapanAvailable$0.1599/hr119 Deploy

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