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Base PriceSpecial PriceProcessorGhzCoresMemoryStorageDDoS ProtectionLocationAvailabilityPriceAction
54.0044.00E3-1230 v3 - 3.30 GHz3.30 Ghz416GB1TB HDD20GbpsDallas, USAAvailable54.00 Order
74.0049.00E3-1271 v3 - 3.60 GHz3.60 Ghz416GB1TB HDD20GbpsDallas, USAAvailable74.00 Order
139.00233.00E5-1650 v2 - 3.50 GHz3.50 Ghz664GB512GB SSD20GbpsDallas, USAAvailable139.00 Order
69.00129.00E3-1270 v3 - 3.50 GHz3.50 Ghz416GB1TB HDD20GbpsDallas, USAAvailable69.00 Order
74.00223.00E3-1230 v5 - 3.40 GHz3.40 Ghz416GB1TB HDD20GbpsDallas, USAAvailable74.00 Order
79.0079.00E3-1270 v5 - 3.60 GHz3.60 Ghz416GB1TB HDD20GbpsDallas, USAOut Of Stock79.00Get A Quote
84.0084.00i7-7700(k) - 4.20 GHz4.20 GHz432GB256GB SSD20GbpsDallas, USAOut Of Stock84.00Get A Quote
89.0084.00E3-1270 v6 - 3.80 GHz3.80 Ghz416GB2TB HDD20GbpsDallas, USAOut Of Stock89.00Get A Quote
49.0049.00E3-1230 v2 - 3.30 GHz3.30 Ghz416GB256GB SSD20GbpsDallas, USAAvailable49.00 Order
49.0049.00E3-1230 v3 - 3.30 GHz3.30 Ghz416GB1TB HDD20GbpsDallas, USAAvailable49.00 Order
364.00364.00E5-1650 v2 - 3.50 GHz
10Gbps Unmetered Series
3.50 Ghz664GB512GB SSD20GbpsDallas, USAAvailable364.00 Order
309.00309.00E3-1230 v3 - 3.30 GHz
10Gbps Unmetered Series
3.30 Ghz432GB512GB SSD20GbpsDallas, USAAvailable309.00 Order

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