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May 02,2019
Psychz Networks expands to Spain, Australia, and Singapore!

Psychz Networks, one of the leading IT infrastructure and hosting provider in the US with highly acclaimed Customer Service and IT expertise is proud to announce the launch of their...

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April 01,2019
What is Intel Xeon Processor & Why Is It Used For Servers?

With the same architecture of a regular desktop CPU, Xeon processors are highly popular due to some of the advanced features such as higher core counts, support for larger amounts of RAM, larger cache memory ...

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March 29,2019
SSD vs HDD Reliability

Today, when you have different hardware options for storage for your machine the challenge has only become complicated whether SSDs are more reliable against the traditional HDDs. In the following article, we will discuss some of the points to consider...

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December 18,2018
Launch of New Data Center In Sao Paulo, Brazil

Psychz Networks is proud to announce the launch of a new data center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, expanding global footprint in South America. As a company spokesperson noted, "launch of this facility will add ...

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