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March 06,2018
GitHub survives world's largest DDoS attack

One of world's most popular software development platform GitHub was recently hit by the largest DDoS(Dedicated Denial of Service) attacks ever recorded. The most commendable part was that...

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March 05,2018
Dropbox flourishes after migrating

About two years ago, Dropbox decided to part its ways from Amazon Web Services. There were a lot of speculations in the air as to the reason behind the decision and the future of Dropbox after this bold move.

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December 14,2017
Mirai Botnet Co-Authors Plead Guilty on Two Charges

The Mirai attacks on large websites such as KerbsOnSecurity, Twitter and Netflix in the month of September 2016 took the digital world by storm. As we had discussed the details in one of our earlier articles...

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December 07,2017
Mirai DDoS attacks- Then and Now

All the companies and the personnel that work in the field of DDoS protection services are well versed with the Mirai Malware. Mirai is a malware that attacks the IOT(Internet of Things) devices...

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