Bare Metal Servers

Super Micro is the world's leading company in providing server solutions and hardware including servers, racks, storage devices, and blades. As a customer, you can always rely on Super Micro servers to provide high-performance equipment.

Psychz Networks provides the customers with 1U and 2U sized servers and can also opt for Micro Cloud Solution. Micro Cloud Solutions are a range of products that can provide up to 24 Modular UP Server Nodes in 3U rack space. To opt for Super Micro solutions, all you have to do is get a quote from us by mentioning your requirement. You can also write to us at sales@psychz.net.

Server Cabinets

Psychz offers full cabinet option with rack unit up to 47U. You can also opt for quarter cabinet or half cabinet in accordance with your requirement.

Networking Accessories

It is paramount for any infrastructure to have the optimum network accessories. Apart from network equipment like routers and switches, you can also order the essential network accessories from us. These network accessories include ethernet cables and fiber optics among others.


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