CDN allows distribution of website content globally. When a visitor comes to your website, they will be sent to the server that is geographically closest to them. Thus leading to websites that load faster and offer lower latency. Furthermore, your website content is protected against DDoS attacks, natural disasters and network failures.

DDoS Protection

All our bare metal servers come with free 20 Gbps DDoS protection and custom DDoS protection rules to protect against 0 day attacks. Clients can order up to 500 Gbps protection anytime. Furthermore, you can view live attacks as they take place or see attacks for past 1 hour, 12 hours or 36 hours. We also offer the option to filter by specific devices and ability to view summary or details of the attack. This information can be used to block source IP, destination port on the edge layer firewall and prevent any future abuse.

Private Network

Connect all your servers privately utilizing private IP thus avoiding using any public traffic that can count against you in terms of traffic billing. The gigabit private network allow any clients to privately connect their dedicated servers that are located anywhere in the data center.

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