Enterprise Level Protection requires many layers or and heuristic approaches to mitigating attacks. Over the past decade, we’ve seen the emergence of a new threat to global networks and as such have deployed a large 150Gbps network as a way or handling large attacks. once the attacks reach our network, we apply Access Control List Rules ( ACLs) blocking traffic at the edge of our network. Second stage of mitigation involves inspecting and analyzing each packet ensuring no malicious, service disrupting traffic makes it through to our clients.

When it comes to protecting our customers, we’re not limited to just our facilities. We can employ the use of GRE Tunnels / Reverse Proxies. Using GRE Tunnels, we can remotely protect clients in facilities across the globe by re-routing malicious attack traffic to our scrubbing centers where we only send off clean traffic to its destination.

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DDOS for Remote Networks