Enterprise Level Protection requires many layers or and heuristic approaches to mitigating attacks. Over the past decade, we’ve seen the emergence of a new threat to global networks and as such have deployed a large 150Gbps network as a way or handling large attacks. once the attacks reach our network, we apply Access Control List Rules ( ACLs) blocking traffic at the edge of our network. Second stage of mitigation involves inspecting and analyzing each packet ensuring no malicious, service disrupting traffic makes it through to our clients.

When it comes to protecting our customers, we’re not limited to just our facilities. We can employ the use of GRE Tunnels / Reverse Proxies. Using GRE Tunnels, we can remotely protect clients in facilities across the globe by re-routing malicious attack traffic to our scrubbing centers where we only send off clean traffic to its destination.

How Our Network Will Protect You?

Having scrubbing POPs placed throughout the US allows our system to mitigate much larger attacks when necessary. Although we have the capacity of 200gbps in specific POP our peering level may have limited peering arrangements which may cause packet lost, re-transmissions, and latency issues when their peering arrangements are beyond their capacity. Therefore, with anycast DDOS systems we are able to direct traffic to multiple locations allowing our systems to utilize the "divide and conquer" method. This has worked during modern warfare, economics, and its one of the strategy.

More options of scrubbing POPs will allow our GRE tunnels to reach your data center with less latency. An example is if your Data center or POP is in Texas you will pick our POP closest to you to reduce any unwanted latency. We provide a very robust capacity of network peering.

This allow us to deliver a protected network. Using our services from IP transit, Colocations, Dedicated server our customers has an ease of mind that we are able to defend against any attack. Anycast DDOS & Services has allow our customers to utilize its service to deliver content closest to the POP as well as mitigate attacks away from its origin.

location Scrubbing Centers

DDoS Mitigation Feature

  • Mitigation

    DDoS Mitigation

    Protection against all known attacks, with a guaranteed minimum of 10 Gbps and 6,000,000 packets per second Heuristic based DDoS mitigation, enabling complete defense against all known and “zero day” threats 99.9% Best Effort SLA Standard 24/7/365 ticket or telephone support.
  • Mitigation

    Critical DDoS Mitigation

    PMulti-10G as needed to rapidly scale with dynamic customer requirements, enabling complete protection against any and all DDoS attacks.
  • Mitigation


    Heuristic based DDoS mitigation, enabling complete defense against all known and “zero day” threats 99.99% Proactive SLA, guaranteeing the highest level of availability assurance, within the subscribed specification VIP Priority Support; receive immediate Tier 2/3 escalation on every call or ticket Direct to NOC “Batline” for critical requests Dedicated account executive
  • Mitigation

    Key benefits of network

    Pure ethernet architecture on a multi-10G backbone, leveraging only high performance Juniper MX routers Performance under fire: Network delivers 99.99% SLA despite high threat environment Dual stack IPv4/IPv6 enabled Static Layer 3 policies (ACL’s) allowing customers to define basic filters that are exported upstream edge networks Zero cost ingress transit, preventing overages resulting from DDoS attack traffic Low latency, high performance routes worldwide, with emphasis on Asia and mainland China Real time traffic and DDoS attack intelligence via the Attack Monitoring Platform

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