Unlimited Scalability

Grow your data without limits. From small projects to petabyte-scale applications, our object storage scales seamlessly with your needs.

Performance That Matches Your Pace

Choose between HDD for cost-efficient storage or SSD for lightning-fast access. Perfect for everything from archival storage to real-time analytics.

Uncompromised Data Durability and Availability

With data replication and redundancy, we offer 99.99% availability and high durability to keep your data safe and always accessible.

Maximizing Your Budget

Enjoy competitive pricing models and benefit from free egress, making your data retrieval cost-effective and predictable.

Secure Your Data at Every Step

Our encryption protocols ensure your data's security, both at rest and in transit, complemented by robust access controls for ultimate peace of mind.

Immutable Object Lock Feature

Safeguard your critical data against accidental deletion and overwrites with our Immutable Object Lock feature. This robust security measure enables you to enforce write-once-read-many (WORM) protection on your stored objects, ensuring that your data remains unaltered for a predetermined period or indefinitely.

Seamless S3 Compatibility

Experience effortless integration and management of your storage with full S3 compatibility, ensuring seamless operation with existing S3-based tools and workflows.


Calculate Your Monthly Bill

Standard Premium
  • 10GB
  • 500GB
  • 1TB
  • 4TB
Object Storage Providers Cost

*AWS (US-West, Standard/Infrequent), Azure (US West, Standard Blob Storage, Cool/Hot Tier), Google (US West, Standard/Nearline)
*Monthly costs include the storage fees and the additional cost for 500GB of outbound data transfer from each provider
*Price calculated April 30, 2024

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