Instant Provisioning

Quickly set up block storage as needed with immediate online ordering and deployment.

High Performance and Reliability

Choose SSD-based storage for ultra-fast access and lower latency or HDD-based for cost-effective, large-capacity storage needs.

Snapshot and Restore

Secure your data with the ability to take snapshots and restore them effortlessly, ensuring data safety and operational continuity.

Universal Accessibility

Access your block storage from anywhere in the world, without geographical or network restrictions.

Cost-Efficient Data Transfer

Benefit from zero egress fees, making it more affordable to transfer and access your data externally compared to other providers.

Secure iSCSI Protocol

Utilize the industry-standard iSCSI protocol for reliable and secure data transfer between block storage devices and network servers. Easily attach storage to your dedicated servers to enhance data management and scalability.

Storage Tiers

Block Storage vs. Object Storage

Use sBlock Storage

When you need low-latency, high-performance storage for databases or data-intensive applications that require persistent storage directly accessible by an operating system.

Use sObject Storage

Best suited for storing vast amounts of unstructured data like multimedia files, backups, and archives, where scalability and accessibility from multiple locations or devices are required.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)